Starting 2013 The Right Way

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The end of the world never came, so here we are back to the grind at the start of what we’d like to hope will be another great year. One of the biggest issues with the new year is getting back into work mode. Everybody suffers from this (you’re lying if you deny it) including… Read more »

Buying a Home – Singles on the Rise

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When I bought my first condo, many years ago, single home buyers, especially young female single homebuyers were unusual, but definitely on the rise. Thank heavens, times have changed a lot since then. According to a recent study by Genworth Financial, one-quarter of Canadian home purchasers in 2011/2012 will be single. While many of those buyers are… Read more »

Market Slump Contributes to Recovery

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You’d think that the market being down in the dumps would be something to worry about, but according to new theories put forth by several economists this could be somewhat of a God-send for real estate recovery. Like we were saying in our post ‘Collaborative Recovery’, in order for the real estate market to recover, we need to… Read more »

Collaborative Recovery

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A short while ago we talked about how the real estate’s market recovery will more likely than not depend on full societal collaboration and participation within the market, in a post called ‘To Stabilize We Must Equalize’. If only those who are in good shape participate, then top-end properties circulate freely while mid-level properties stay put… Read more »

How To Sell Your Home in the Winter

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This is a great article for all of our current clients. November is a time that any people like to take their home off the market but there are many of us who simply are not in the position to wait. Remember, if your home is not listed on MLS, with a Realtor, other Realtor’s across Canada do not… Read more »

To Stabilize We Must Equalize

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Speculations around market recovery are many. The desolate state in which the property market resides is remaining stagnant, with fragments of measurable recovery being made. Therein lies the question of how to inject some life into the current market; enough to drive a full recovery. A recent Vancouver Sun article highlighted a very interesting and probable theory… Read more »

Who’s Buying in the Okanagan? September 2012 Stats

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This monthly information is a fantastic resource for our sellers! Kelowna, BC – Ever wonder where home buyers come from? Since September 2010, the Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board (OMREB) has been collecting information from our members with regards to where our buyers are coming from – both geographically and demographically. September 2012 Home Buyers have been… Read more »

Condo Fees Explained

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First-time condo buyers are sometimes confused by the monthly maintenance fee that condo buildings charge. Combined with property taxes and your mortgage payments, they can add up to a hefty percentage of your total housing costs. But what is a condo maintenance fee and what does it cover? And how does it compare to the costs… Read more »

Posh Property – SOPA Square

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And yet it is time to showcase another one of Kelowna’s finest developments… the ever enchanting SOPA Square. [slideshow] Living in Kelowna, and driving by the construction of SOPA Square on South Pandosy, leaves all of us wishing it was time for the reveal.  The anticipation and excitement is unbearable, as this is truly going… Read more »