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And so we meet again! The kids are in bed and I get to put my REALTOR(R) hat on once again…but first, a blog!

All that searching in Kelowna’s downtown core for a condo these last few weeks led us to finalizing our decision today – I am about to prepare an offer for my client. We do not need it until tomorrow but I know for a fact my day is jammed pack and I won’t get to it unless I do it NOW.  Good old Webforms is up and running ready for me to input my data. This transaction is pretty straightforward.  A good offer, and a great, pre-approved client! I have done lots of chatting with the other agent and the strata manager (the one I woke up at 6:45 am this morning thinking it was her office Voicemail that I was calling – oops) so my due-diligence has a huge head start. By tomorrow night we  should have an accepted deal.  Thank goodness I am so organized and I will have everything ready to go.

It is very important to be organized in my line of work. Prepare documents early, write things down in one spot, listen to clients, take notes, and PUT REMINDERS IN YOUR PHONE FOR EVERYTHING -> that was me yelling at myself.  It really works – you should try it!  Being organized is something I rely on, and each day I get better at it.  I even have a Pinterest board for organization. Efficiency in the workplace relies on organization and I am super efficient.


This week was quite the adjustment. I was able to come up with an effective schedule that allows me to keep this balance I require for home and work life. With the big drive to Nikolas’ school 4 days a week I am able to spend much needed time working, while he is learning. I don’t think I’ll be at the office everyday, but now I know I have the opportunity for extra computer time. I love computer time. Oh do I love computer time.

While I was adjusting, I was able to squeeze in a wonderful meeting at Csek Creative. Vincent and Nikki Csek delighted me with their marketing/branding/social media/website knowledge, and I was able to think about what I want out of my career and how I will achieve it.  It also got me thinking of a few awesome projects that will give back to the community.  I often think about what I can give, what I can do, and what I can ‘organize’.  I have a great idea for the new year and will have the help of the Csek team to get it launched.  There is nothing better then a local organization on your team.  Listening to them speak is like music to my ears and I cannot wait for our next meeting.

With a new week in real estate beginning with an offer – I’d say I have a GREAT week ahead! Hope you do too and thanks for reading.


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